The Ubuntu Titling Font is the creation of Christian Robertson at Independent type foundry BetaType. He says “Here is a release candidate for the Ubuntu titling font. I’ve included the “source” FontLab (not open source, sorry) file along with the build script I use to author the OTF and TTF files. This version not only includes many more diacritics, but includes OpenType features such as small caps, small cap numerals as well as some alternate characters. I have also polished the spacing and added kerning, which was missing from previous versions. I’ve also nudged some of the letter shapes to be a little more squarish. The rounded forms conform to the Ubuntu ideal of a human and approachable operating system, but in previous cuts some of the characters were starting to appear childish, where the logotype does not. The best example of this is the lower case ‘a’.” In the end, Ubuntu Titling is a great, useable “open source” sans serif face. Download Ubuntu Titling TTF and OTF.