ok, another one from Pablo Impallari.. it’s not a cop-out, it’s just me being lazy and really digging this guys fonts. What’d he say?

Dancing Script is a lively casual script where the letters bounce and change size slightly. Caps are big, and go below the baseline. Dancing Script references popular scripts typefaces from the 50’s. It relates to Murray Hill (Emil Klumpp. 1956) in his weight distribution, and to Mistral (Roger Excoffon. 1953) in his lively bouncing effect. Use it when you want a friendly, informal and spontaneous look. On any place where Arial and Times New Roman looks boring: Invitations, Party Flyers, Happy Birthday Cards… you name it. It’s better to use it at big sizes, together with sans-serif fonts, so the spontaneous effect is enhanced by contrast. Download the TTF!