I guess when I get into a groove I stick with it. Another hand drawn, heavy block typeface of the day. This time around it’s Thunder Thighs from S. John Ross from Cumberland Games & Diversions. This is what he had to say about it:  Thunder Thighs is a goofy, friendly sort of font, reminiscent of cartoon logos and the like from the late 1970s. Those kinds of shapes, and the comforting nature of huge amounts of black ink on formerly-blank paper, made this one a particularly enjoyable one to create. I drew it with a 0.8mm Pigma and then blackened it with my trusty Sharpie; the whole process was a kind of reversion to childhood. Same principle as “comfort food,” I suppose – a valuable concept in these troubled times. Thunder Thighs is a full keyboard set with a few essential extras like smartquotes and dashes. Download the TTF of the regular and shadow versions.