That’s my homeboy Simoncini. Used to establish a mutual relationship between the invidividual using the term, the person described by it, and a third person — Or, a slick typeface that would be as comfortable rocking a 6 train uptown or on your buddies hip hop slow jam mix tape for his girl yvette. Not too bubbly, still pretty legible for the untrained eye. Homeboy is a nice font if you like spray paint fumes and hiding under train platforms.
As a kid in Stockholm, Sweden font creator Johan Waldenström was often fascinated by all the hiphop graffiti he saw around the early 90’s, especially oldschool graffiti and he has taken a lot of inspiration from it in the creation of his fonts. His 11-d website features his font designs, music, photos and web designs.

Don’t sleep on it .. Download the Homeboy truetype font!