OK, again I am hooked on these open source typefaces – they have been of great quality and consistency and of course, they are free to use, share, modfy, etc. Linux Libertine, from the .org of the same name is one such beautiful face – “Letters and fonts have two characteristics: On the one hand they are basic elements of communication and fundamental to our culture, on the other hand they are cultural goods and an artistic work. You are able to see just the first aspect, but when it comes to software you’ll see copyrights and patents even on the most elementary fonts. Therefore we want to give you a free alternative: This is why we founded the Libertine Open Fonts Project.” (also of note, Libertine is the face used on the Wikipedia logo). The package includes a very diverse 20 variants, including Regular, Italic, Bold Italic, Small Capitals, Biolinum (an organic sans-serif and could be also described as organogrotesque) and a few “keyboard” versions ideal for computer documentation. Download massive Linux Libertine package here.